Sign Ordinance Amendments

Thursday, June 30th at 4:30 PM in room 241 of the County Office Building:
On January 6, 2010, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors adopted a “2010 Albemarle County Action Plan” which included as item #6 the following:
“Sign Ordinances – The sign ordinances need to be re-examined to ensure they do not overly restrict economic vitality of area businesses.  Staff should work with local retailers to develop new ordinances that will help promote good business practices as well as maintaining quality aesthetic values.”
“Since that time [the county has held] two roundtable discussions and met with various stakeholders, folks in the sign industry, the Planning Commission, the Architectural Review Board and the Board of Supervisors to seek input about the present sign ordinance and sign permit approval process.  All comments and suggestions from the two roundtables have been considered as we have drafted amendments to the current sign ordinance for presentation to the public at this time.  We believe that these will result in more balanced regulations and help to further streamline the review and approval process for signs without compromising the standards of the community.
 …If you are unable to attend, please contact Ron Higgins at (434) 296-5832, ext. 3225 or e-mail to to offer any comments or suggestions.”

Information regarding sign policies:



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