Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting

The CTB will be meeting this coming Wednesday, July 20, 10:00 am at 1401 Broad Street in Richmond.  At this meeting, the Secretary of Transportation is proposing a motion to move money from other projects to fund the bypass.

The board starts with a work session a 10:00 AM and the meeting itself usually starts at about noon.  The first item on the agenda after the work session is Public Comment.  It is suggested that people get there around 11:00 if they want to speak.  

It is important that a people from Charlottesville and Albemarle go to this meeting, as Lynchburg, Danville and local supporters of the road will likely be there. There has been great turn out at the local meetings — it is important that CTB members also see and hear from our local citizens on this issue.

Please notify as many people as possible of this meeting and how important it is that people from this area show up and speak, or at least be there to show support for those who do.

Below is a link to the agenda.  

Please plan to arrive around 11:00 am, the bypass will be taken up under Item 12 (Six-Year Improvement Project).
Meeting Agenda


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