ALERT: Sept 7 BoS Meeting on Cool Counties, Bypass

Dear Members of ARCA:

If possible, please attend the September 7 Board of Supervisors Meeting Re: Cool Counties.

Your June 8 arguments to save ICLEI, the Livability project and Cool Counties led to the Board’s postponing its decision on Cool Counties until receiving a report from Local Climate Action Planning Process (LCAPP) steering committee. The report is on the Sept 7 agenda for 10:15 a.m., but comments on decision whether to continue membership should be made at 9 a.m.

Also, in the afternoon of September 7, the Board and public will hear from VDOT staff their plans for moving quickly to construct the Western By-Pass.  Comments at 9 a.m. on the By-Pass are also appropriate. What do you want the Albemarle Board to ask VDOT before a design-build contract is finalized?

As always, if you cannot attend, you may send e-mail to Board members at the address

The LCAPP report on Cool Counties:

From staff report:

“The Board can consider if the targets and principles articulated in Cool Counties Climate Stabilization Declaration Resolution are appropriate and still meet Albemarle County’s vision statement and Comprehensive Plan goals. Alternatively, the Board could continue to support the resolution, but modify some of the specific targets. For example, the Board could set targets that are aligned with the Commonwealth of Virginia, which in 2010 passed a state-wide energy reduction goal of 10% by the year 2022.

A third alternative would be to rescind the Resolution of December 5, 2007 and direct staff to recommend new goals for the Energy Management and Conservation Program. Staff can compile benchmarking examples for direction on new targets and scope.

For internal operations Albemarle County has been a leader in pursuing energy reductions and has realized monetary savings as a result. The County can continue to provide leadership to the community at-large and help encourage the energy savings that lead to utility bill savings.”

For more info on the Cool Counties initiative, see

 In addition, the Board will be voting on apppointments for those who have applied for County boards, commissions and committees.  There are numerous openings, and only a few people have applied and will be approved at Wednesday’s meeting. Please consider applying! These positions inform the Board on important policy decisions.


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