Alert: Weds Oct 5 BoS: Bypass

Board of Supervisors Meeting:

Wednesday, October 5, 9:00 AM at County Office Building, 401 McIntire Road.

Although the board will not discuss the bypass, they still need to hear the public response relating to recent revelations regarding the budget and the projected costs… Public comments will be heard at the beginning of  the meeting–agenda here:

This will be the Board’s first meeting since the Request for Proposal was issued for the proposed western bypass by VDOT… the winning RFP will be selected in June. Under Federal law, a new environmental impact review must be completed prior to construction, but this review can be done while the RFPs are being reviewed… it will not slow the process.

view Bypass RFP:
FOIA’d documents show that the bypass is expected to actually cost twice what was estimated, and VDOT seems to be a little shaky on whether that cost is based on the original design, or revamped designs… with different officials giving different answers.

Another issue: the amount of property tax dollars the County stands to lose on the condemned properties that will be taken for the bypass: possibly a million dollars a year… money Albemarle can sorely afford to lose.

You can read more about the current status of the bypass issue at Cville Tomorrow’s excellent compilation of articles, hearing podcasts, and information resources:

The Board of Supervisors needs to know that the Citizens of Albemarle are still keeping an eye on ALL of the proceedings…

Please attend if you can, or write to the Board if you cannot:

Many board and commission positions are still open!
Including the ACE program, Pantops Advisory Council, Regional Transportation Advisory Committee, Places29 Advisory Committee… remember, we get the government we deserve when we don’t participate!

please apply now:


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